Meet Mano 

San Francisco's

Public Defender

Manohar Raju is a committed San Francisco Democrat who currently serves as San Francisco’s Public Defender. He is a founding member of Public Defenders for Racial Justice.


The son of immigrants from India, Mano’s parents taught him the importance of voting and being a civically-engaged person.

A Word From Mano

“I am running to help ensure that the San Francisco Democratic Party consistently stands up for the values of everyday San Franciscans. There is much work to be done to register new voters, connect young people to our party, and promote equity.


In this presidential election year, now is the time to unite our Democratic Party under the shared values of promoting diversity, compassion, and justice for all.


This is my pledge to you.”

-Manohar Raju

A Brief Look At

San Francisco Democrats

Of the 500,149 total voters in San Francisco,

59.1% are registered Democrats.


Total SF Democrats

Women make up 46.9% of Democrats; Men 43.8%, with 9.3% gender not specified.

Women Rule


The most numerous age group of Democrats is Millennials with 25.8%; next are 65+ at 20.3%.

Go Millennials


Whites make up 56.8%; Asian Americans comprise 18.3%; Latinos 11.1%; African Americans 4.0%; and Other is 9.8%.

A Diverse Party


A full 72.6% of Democrats in San Francisco are registered as permanent vote by mail voters. Only 27.4% are poll voters.

Absentee Rules

Vote By Mail and Poll

70.7% of registered SF Democrats were born in the United States, with 29.3% were born on foreign shores.

Who Votes?

Place of Birth


The People.

Mano Raju has served the people of San Francisco as an attorney in the

San Francisco

Public Defender's office

for over twelve years.

In this photo, Mano's supporters gather to support his candidacy to be San Francisco

Public Defender. 

Click below to register online. It's quick and easy!


(Deadline to register for the March 3 

election is February 18, 2020!)

Register to


  • A United States citizen

  • A San Francisco resident

  • At least 18 years old before or on the day of the election

  • Not be in state or federal prison, or on parole for the conviction of a felony

  • Not currently found mentally incompetent to vote by a court


And if you are a San Francisco resident who is 16 or 17 years old, you may pre-register to vote. Your registration will become active on your 18th birthday, as long as you meet all other registration qualifications.

You may register to vote in SF if you are:





On March 3, 2020, San Francisco’s Democrats will get to vote for candidates in the presidential primary, U.S. Congress, State Senate, State Assembly, and the Democratic County Central Committee!

In addition to these important races, there are a number of local ballot measures that deserve your attention.

To learn about what is on the ballot, please click below:

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